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Turquoise & Aquamarine

Immerse yourself in the captivating shades of blue—embrace the timeless elegance of turquoise and aquamarine. These pieces add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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One-of-a-kind Turquoise Bracelet V (5mm)
One-of-a-kind Aquamarine Bracelet VII (10mm)
One-of-a-kind Turquoise Bracelet VI (5-7mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet X (8mm)
Limited Sold outTurquoise Bracelet V (4mm)
Sold outAquamarine Bracelet VII (6mm)
One-of-a-kind Sold outTurquoise Bracelet I (8-8.5mm)
Turquoise - Cube Bracelet III (4mm)
Limited Sold outSanta Maria Aquamarine Bracelet V (3-6mm)
Sold outWired Blue Pack (8mm)
Wired Blue Pack (8mm)
Sale price€419,95 Regular price€493,95 SHOP NOW
Sold outPicasso Jasper - Aquamarine Bracelet V (4mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet XI (8mm)
TOP RATED Camel-Turquoise Hematite Bracelet V (4mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet XIV (6mm)
Turquoise Ocean Pack IV (8mm)
Turquoise Ocean Pack IV (8mm)
Sale price€365,95 Regular price€430,95 SHOP NOW
Sold outPicasso Jasper - Aquamarine Bracelet IV (4mm)
African Turquoise Bracelet I (4mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet XIII (6mm)